Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: Bad Girls of the Bible

bad girls of the bible

I have to admit it was the cover and the title that got my attention on this one. So often in the realm of Christian books we get titles that say that we need to become more Holy. This title grabbed my attention because well it had “bad girls” in the title. I had to know who the bad girls were and what their story was.

This book chronicles ten of the books bad women. Lot’s wife and the women at the well and the sinful woman among them. It gives a modern day retelling of each then gives a verse by verse commentary on what the story on the whole means and what it means for us today.

I liked this book and especially liked the way Liz Curtis Higgs added her own commentary style to it. I loved the modern retelling. It put a new fresh spin on ages old stories. I had read the stories in the bible but had not truly understood what they meant until I read them in this book. What I mean by that is that is that the lessons had not sunk in that you are supposed to take from them.

This is an easy read. Liz writing style is chatty and she added touches of humor to each story. I found myself highly amused by what she had written. Another thing I liked is that she does not talk sown to the reader but rather gives them hope. She adds bits of her own story so you can see that she is just like many woman out there today. It does not feel as if she was always holier than thou but like every person has made mistakes and was given God Grace to help other woman know that they too can find God and life a better life no matter what their background.

Even if you don’t like inspirational books Liz storytelling makes this book fun to read.Highly recommended

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