Friday, August 13, 2010

To Kindle or not to Kindle

I have always wondered if I should  get a kindle. I know among book lovers this tends to be a heated discussion. Like there can never be a replacement for the feel of a real book in your hand. recently though I have come across some good reasons that having a kindle has shadowed all the reason I had to getting one.

First and foremost I have been losing books. I am only 30 so I am hoping my memory has not started slipping just yet. If it has I have a bigger issues to worry about. Seriously though I have put books down and five minutes later THEY ARE NOT THERE. At least that what it seems like. Everyone tells me there has to be a rational reason such as someone moving the books but all the culprits have denied any part of the ‘lost books” phenomenon. Many of my friends have asked me if I would lose a kindle also. In my defense I had my blackberry for over a year and I have yet to lose it. So no I wont lose a Kindle.

Second they are now affordable to someone with a somewhat limited income such as myself. At only 139 dollars that is much better than the previous 3 hundred and something.

And third I would never run out of something to read again. The Kindle can hold over 1000 books. Never again will i be somewhere and finish a book then think “NOW what am I going to use to occupy my brain?”. Nope. I will have 1000 books to choose from.

Even after all of the above I will still miss the smell and feel of a book. I guess each has its pros and cons.


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