Monday, April 25, 2011

Review:Signs Of Life

Thsigns of lifeis book was sent to me by the publisher for review

Can you imagine going on vacation and being pregnat then getting a phone call saying that your husband has died? That is exactly what happened to Natalie Taylor.

Signs of life starts with Natalie vacationing in Miami with her family sand her husband. Then the phone call that drew them all back to Michigan where Natalie had to face the inevitable. In mere seconds her life as she knows it is over. She is now a widow and soon to be single mother. This memoir is based on the journals that she kept and details coming back to the living.

The memoir details raw grief. She writes so that you as a reader feels her grief at have so unfair an event happening. She worries that she wont be able to take care of her newborn baby without her husband. When the baby is born it is heim who starts the healing processes for her.

This is a book about coming to terms with the unthinkable and how to resolve it so that you can still see the beauty in life.It is a tale of family love of learning to survive without the one thing you always counted on.

Every day we see her make improvements and we feel like cheering for her. Then she slips back and we find ourselves cheering her on.

having never been married it is hard to fathom what she must have went through. Especially since his death was the result of a freak skateboarding accident. In just one moment her whole life changed.

The book talks of her going to a grief support group and having everyone being older than she is. How out of place she felt. She also goes to a support for single mothers and she felt out of place there also. It wasn’t just her husband that died but a whole way of living that died with her.

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