Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankfully Reading Post Two

Well since I am at my parents house for Thanksgiving I will have to take a picture of the books I still have here. This is just two shelves there are many many more books than this. I have to sort them all out and decided which ones I want to keep and which ones to wild release for Bookcrossing.



Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankfully Reading

thankfully reading

To make up for my horrible outcome on the Readathon last October I am joining in Thankfully Reading. I think this will go better as I am at my parents house and I will not have to do anything chore-wise. So lets see how this read a long goes. Wish me Luck!


Below is a picture that I took of the books I hope to get through this weekend.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Body Clutter

body clutter

I have to admit I am a big fan of Flylady. I have heard about  the books and have read From pigpen to paradise and loved it. I follow all her routines and everything. Even a slob such as me can make my apartment look pretty.

Body clutter is all about loving yourself enough to start exercising (blessing your heart) to eating nutritionally sound food. While this may not be new advice they present it in such a way that it comes less about meeting a number goal and more about loving yourself enough to be healthy.

I have to admit that I liked this book more than most others books on losing weight. Other books tell the tale of somebody being a few pounds overweight then they lose a few pounds and tout their way to everyone. While this book does not endorse a certain weight loss plan it only tells the reason why so many of us find it so hard to lose weight. It explains the “mental blocks”. I think the mental blocks are a much bigger hurdle to get through.

It also explains how not to let your routines that you have picked up fall by the wayside but rather incorporate new things into your existing routines.

If you are a fan of flylady you will enjoy this book.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bitch in the House

0066211662.01._SX140_SY225_SCLZZZZZZZ_This is an anthology with 26 well known woman writers who discuss about motherhood and marriage and one was on weight.
Feminist lit has come a long way than when it was still in its infancy. The woman have almost everything feminist has fought for and yet they still seem to be missing something. They fell out of touch with what feminism is today. That is not to say this is a sad book. It is not. Far from it. There are undercurrents of anger spread through out the book. All of us are like that right?
I found it refreshing to see woman talk so honestly and candidly about the “bitch” that often emerges in motherhood. All to often we hold this part hidden because “good” mothers are not supposed to feel this way. Which itself is a ridiculous notion because really, when you have a crying baby and are trying to handle a demanding job who is ever going to feel “good enough”? This book explores that concepts well. I agree with what a lot of the woman say, just cause you have it all, does not mean you feel like you have it all. This is an example of how some woman have come to feel disjointed by today's feminism.
It also explores how in the coming days of a major event a wedding or a baby the couple believes such things like housework to be split evenly. However once the big day arrives it is usually the woman who gets the brunt of doing housework on top of everything else. This is seems to be a source of pride, sort of like super wife or super mom. Again not every woman will feel this way but it is a recurring theme. I also found it refreshing to hear some of the woman talk about taboo subjects. For example a few of the woman were mistresses. That is not something that media talks about openly.
This book was well written especially since it is an anthology. The woman who put all the stories together did well in making all the different stories flow into one another. It did not read as 26 separate stories but rather as a continuum from one story to the next.
This maybe me digging into the symbolism a little to deep but I also feel that this book encompasses the idea that we all are different with our own unique experience but that we can come together as woman and make a beautiful whole, just like this book.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Salon

Many people are writing what sunday salonbooks they are thankful for, as for me I am thankful to be able to read.Earlier this year my mind started racing and I couldn't keep track of a single thought. It was as if words whizzed right by my comprehension. All was corrected in OCT and ever since I have been grateful.

I have decided to post  on Mondays. Wensday and Fridays and of course Sunday. I may post more but I feel I need to get into a schedule so maybe this will help.

I decided to sign up for Formspring. Sometimes I run out of Ideas of what to talk about so am hoping you can ask anything and it will jump start my creativity. Click to go to the link.

At the moment I am reading Super Sad true love story and it lives up to its hype. I am loving it. I hope to finish it today.

What are you reading today?

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