Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Sunday Salon



It has been an interesting week and not in a good way either. Imaginary people started talking in my brain (I know they are not real and I have bipolar) so I called the dr for an emergency appointment. They increased my meds and now I walk around in a Geodon induced haze. Thankfully the voices have stopped so I can focus on my reading. It is not easy reading when you are hearing things not there. In that respect I did not get a lot of reading done so I am STILL reading The Leopard by Jo Nesbo. Nesbo novels take on a more eerie quality while you are reading it doped up. I am hoping to finish it today.

I got 4 new books from the library to download on my nook. I always seem to get the books faster than I expect but at least I have plenty of reading material!

This week I reviewed

The Snowman

On her Own

Daughter of Smoke and Bones

Go check them out and leave a comment!

I am going to go and turn the AC up high and get me some plenty of Mio Energy drink and finish reading The Leopard.

Have a happy Sunday!! What are YOU reading?

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