Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Salon


These past few weeks I have been so busy with grad school that it has seriously cut into my time for blogging and reading. I feel so behind in both. On the other hand I am enjoying grad school immensely which is a good thing. I had a big project due this past Friday. I have an “easy” couple weeks coming up so maybe I can get some reading and blogging done.

I downloaded all of  Stookie Stack house novels on my nook and I am making my way through the whole series. I am enjoying that also. I will be sad when the last book comes out. I also used the university library to check out some books that were not available for the nook and found that as a grad student I can keep books for 6 months *drools* I should never have a late fee with that!

I have become interested in the whole aspect of creative thinking lately. I feel that I should be able to unleash more creativity than I currently do so I checked out some books on the topic. I hope that I learn how to unleash my creative side more. Do you have any tips that you use for creative thinking?

This Sunday will be spent relaxing and reading Sookie Stackhouse. A perfect Sunday to be sure! What are you reading today?

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