Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Review: Darkness Visible

It is a short book but it packs a powerful punch.This is from the author that brought is Sophie’s Choice. This is a powerful memoir about how the author suffered and overcame depression.
There are a lot of “depression” memoirs out there today. While all give a peek into what's it’s like to live with depression very few come with the literary quality that Styron lends to Darkness Visible. Depression is a serious illness and some memoirs can fall victim to inducing massive amounts of self pity. This book however induces a sort of felling as one is along for the ride. The reader is transported to a place where it is dark and madness resides.
Styron speaks of “tumbling in the abyss” and takes the reader along with him. he gives life to where others had painted only darkness. The memoir reaches it's climax when he is hospitalized for suicidal feelings. From there he tells of his recovery. From this he gives hope to those who may have been trapped in the abyss. That it is possible to recover from depression and lead a normal productive life.
While not all of us can be a first person account of what it is like to live with depression this is an excellent book that will give you a good idea. It is also excellent reading alone.
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