Thursday, September 2, 2010

Booking Through Thursday



Even though it’s usually a mistake (grin) … do movies made out of books make you want to read the original?

Usually I try and read the book first. Sometimes a movie comes out and I had no idea there was a book. Precious was one such example. I saw the movie then I head it was based on a book. “Push”. I went and checks it out at the library and as a book lover first and foremost i wish i read the book first. on the other hand if the movie had never come out I probably would have never heard of the book.

On the other hand I know there is a movie based on Eat, Pray, Love. I am hesitant to see the movie because I am biased against Julia Roberts. I have hated most of the movies she has been in. I feel she lacks depth to her acting. I want to retain good feelings about the book, so I am undecided.

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