Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Salon

This week I reviewed two books Outcasts United and Bibliotherpy: The Girls Guide to Books for Every Phase of our Lives. I also focused more on reading and writing in my personal journal in an attempt to improve my writing skills. Question for all, Do you keep a journal?
I also decided to try Get Glue and fell in love with it. It really does offer good suggestions. For those of you who don't know what get glue is it is a site where you can "check in" on what you are doing. For example I check in that I am reading a book or writing and so forth. They have lots of different categories. What I like best is you can go on different sites put in what you like then it gives you recommendations. You can earn badges just like other sites. This one more fits my personality as I would rather stay home and read than go out trying to get points as on foursquare. Here is a link to my profile if want to see it in action.
I have decided to join bookcrossing again and spruced up my profile. I have been reading how people are building their own home library and how book you have on your shelf represents you. There are a lot of books I have that I know I will never pick up again. So I decided to wild release them via bookcrossing. I have went through some and got them ready. Not much but it is a start.
I have read two books this week. A Purpose Driven Life and Push. Look to a review soon. I am now reading Armageddon in retrospect by Kurt Vonnegut. He is one of my favorite authors so of course I like this book.
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