Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Salon


Happy New Year Everyone!! I for one am happy that a new year is here and there is a fresh start on all my goals. 2011 wasn’t the best as I deal with depression and ADHD. Both negatively affected my reading for the year. The good news is both are now under control and I have been reading up a storm the past few weeks. Look for lots of reviews coming!

I had a great Christmas I am now the proud owner of a Nook. I started trying to download library books on it bit was stumped. I finally went to the library where the nice librarians helped me. In this day of digital technology we will need librarians more not less! I was shocked by how long the waiting list were for most of the books. When I go to the library I can have most of the books right then but when I went to check out digital books there were waiting lists of a hundred or more people on some of the books. However some titles came up really fast and I now have 6 books to read in three weeks.

I did meet last years goal of branching out with my reading. I now love steampunk and young adult books. For 2012 I want to continue branching out. You never know if you might find a new genre you like.

I also want to interact more. This will mean commenting on other blogs and on this blog. One of the reasons so many of us blog is for the community and I want to get more involved with that.

I also will make every effort to keep this updated. Last year I let it slip but now that both things are under control I want to keep it updated as much as possible.

Those are my goals for 2012! What are yours?

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