Saturday, July 2, 2011

If you are anything like me when you want to get a new product you go online and check the reviews first. I just as much as anyone hate to me stuck with a crappy product. But sometimes I hear that something is so bad that I have to go read it myself since this mostly pertains to books. One example of this was Twilight. Half of the people I talked to loved it and half hated it so even though at the time a needy teenage girl falling in love with a 100 years old vampire (I am more Anne Rice kinda vampire) was light years away from what I tended to read I still couldn't stop myself from checking it out at the library.

It was akin to watching a wreck on the highway. I couldn’t look away. I kept wondering how on earth she got published. And who her editor was and so forth. And I felt sorry for the next generation who thought this was good reading. Then I wondered I could be the only person to read something just to see how bad it is so my question to you. Have you ever read something or bought something just to see how bad it was?

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