Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Salon


Good Morning everyone!

I have picked up another book that I love. The Happiness Project. I bet this will become another favorite. The problem when I find a good book I want to savor it and I don’t want it to end so I read more slowly. It does not bode well for my 200 books a year but I doubt I will reach that anyway.

I see many people are outspoken about indie bookstores and while I do support them, there are a lot of people who for whatever reasons are just too poor to afford the price. I am a firm believer in books being available to everyone which is also why I am such a strong supporters of libraries. I have been thinking how I can raise awareness of this issue on this blog. Not everyone can afford 20 dollars a book. If you have any ideas let me know. I really feel that this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

In other words it warmed up here. I think spring may finally be on its way. It is about time too. When I moved here from the south I never knew northern winters could be so harsh. Now I have utmost respect for people who endere this year after year.

I am off to finish Project Happiness. I think After I read this I will start my own project happiness.

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