Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Sunday Salon



It has been a while since I have wrote this. The sad fact is that I have been struck with the biggest book slump and writers block in my whole life. It was so bad I could barley type my own name. I did manage to read and review a book last week. Wasn’t my best review ever but it was something. Better than nothing right?

I feel My love of writing and reading slowly coming back so it is at an end. Maybe my friends sugestions to go on walks and get out more helped. Instead of sitting at the computer tearing my hair out I got out of the apt and did stuff I normally don’t do, like goe for walks in 20 degree waether and it seems that a change of pace is just what I needed. Maybe I will incorporate daily walks into my routine.

What have you done to ease a reading slump and writers block?

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