Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Friday Night Knitting Club


it took me a week to finsh this book. Normally I can finish a book in a couple of days but this book dragged on and on. I should have just quit the book but I am one of those people who must stick to the bitter end.

My first problem is that there seems to be no plot in the first half of the book. I understand that the author was giving background information but I feel it could have been done within the confines of a plot that actually moves forward. The first half of this book was filled with non events and the reader couldn’t tell where the story was going.

I knew that that Jacobs was attempting to weave multiple issues into the story. However what she did write felt more like it was contrived of stereotypical ways than things that you can really believe. In my humble opinion believable characters can make or break a story.

This book really for me at least raised the question of how much background information one really needs. Or if there is a better way of implementing the background information or if this was really not my type of book. If it the latter that makes me sad because I heard good things about this book and really wanted to enjoy it, but I did not.

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