Wednesday, January 5, 2011



When I first picked up this book, i felt she must had a serious case of writers block. Most of her books are good and thick but this one was only 178 pages long. Then I found out that this book was a cure for writers block while she was writing another book. Ok whatever works.

The plot is that two bereaved spouses come and try to force Anita to raise their respective spouse from the grave. She refused both of them but one take extraordinary measures to force her to raise his wife.

I liked her earlier work but as time goes on it seems that her books become filled more and more with orgy type scenes. This book however was different. It focused almost solely on Anita’s work as a necromancer. There was one sex scene but it was not as explicit as usual. I hope this marks a turn in her returning to her roots.

As usual the ending turned out well. Anita always gets herself in situations that I think she cant get herself out of but she always manages to. The plot wasn't much. I felt that it was better than some of her latest work in that the plot actually had some action other than sex in it. I am not a prude by any means but when a whole book and worse book after book starts having multiple sex scenes that distract from the plot then I start to take offense.

This was a short and sweet book that avoid her earlier books pitfalls.

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