Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Salon

sunday salon

Yesterday I heard we was supposed to get a lot of snow so I risked going to the library to stock up on some books. Not that I needed to but going to the library always makes me feel better so off I went. I had originally planned to get only 2 books but came back with this:


Which was good because I woke up to this



And it is STILL snowing!

So I have enough books to last me until next year.

As I announced yesterday I wanted a place where I could share the rest of my thoughts and stuff but I wanted to keep this strictly for book reviews. I created a tumblr account. You can see it here. If you have a tumbr account feel free to add me.

On the book review front I reviewed Super Sad True Love Story which I loved. I also did a semi review of Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. That book is just OK to me. However I recently finished Buddha the path to enlightment but the same author and I liked it better. Look out for a review this week.

I am now finally reading Room. I think it will live up to its hype.

I am off to do some reading.. What are you reading today?

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