Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Salon


When you read this I will still be camping. Why in the world am I going camping in the north in OCTOBER? I asked myself that very same question. In all seriousness it is called Silent Weekend. It is where Deaf people an people learning ASL get together for a weekend of camping and fun. Of course me being me my in real life friends will have to pry me away from my books. This is my first weekend doing that here so maybe I will even make new friends.

On the reading front I spent all week reading No Pity. It is about the disability rights movement. It wasn't that it was difficult to read it just it made me stop and think. That slowed down my reading. It was a great book.  review will be up hopefully Monday.

I am now reading  CandyFreak. It makes me hungry when I read it but so far I like it. I will probably finish it today so then I will read Women: An intimate Geography. I have been meaning to read this for years but never got around to it. Then I saw an other blogger rave about it so I ordered it from the library.

I got most of my books I ordered from the Library. My friend was joking that most woman want a man with money and that sort of thing but give me a man with access to lots of books and I am happy!

I hope everyone has a happy reading week!

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