Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Salon


I have missed two Sudays Salons. Real life caught up with me. I have went back north and it seems that my moving had disrupted everything. I had been in a little bit of a reading and writing slump. It is amazing how not having your desk and stuff set up can disrupt everything. I finally am getting my bearings back but I will be glad to get my desk and stuff set back up.

I have been trying to convince the boyfriend to get one more bookshelf. I am serious just one more. The problem is that we live in an itty bitty apartment and one more bookshelf would really crowd things. I dislike not having my books organized though so I am pushing really hard to get my bookshelf.

Speaking of books, the boyfriend is a grad student and has an ID to the local university. He probably felt sorry that I have no friends here yet so he loaned me his ID and I discovered that with all the libraries that I am virtually unlimited in my selection of books. Which is good cause I am on a tight budget which dose not leave room for a lot of book buying. I went crazy with checking out books. I am just waiting for all the books to be ready then I will go pick them up.

In the interest of organizing and peace I have decided to put all my recipes that I have collected in magazines and stuff on Springpad. My stuff is everywhere and it is distracting. Springpad seems to be good for recipe collection. I hope it is anyway. I rounded up all my magazines and would hate to find out halfway in there is a better alternative.

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